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Pathway Foundation advocates and guides young people in civic engagement. 


Our mission is to transform into a program that targets underserved children to receive the extra academic help and assistance that they wish for at free cost.

About the Internship

To encourage the civic engagement of young people, Pathway Foundation has developed a youth leadership program: the Mayor Lee Internship.



In partnership with Bloodworks Northwest, the Bloodworks Project seeks to educate the community, especially the Asian community, about the process and benefits of donating blood.

Past Projects

The Pathway Foundation has hosted countless projects in the past, which are now archived on our website.


Civic Club


We are establishing civic clubs in schools all around the greater Seattle area. Read about it and join now to become a part of this community!


At Pathway Foundation, we pride ourselves in engaging in civic engagement -- in the form of conferences, as well as discussions. 


Media and Blog

The Media and Blog Project helps raise awareness through working with other projects as well as Pathway Foundation and blogging/designing content.

Global Goals

PATH is an international health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives and improve health worldwide.