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Digital Platform

Facilitating civic engagement with technology

The Digital Platform project seeks to leverage the most modern digital tools to make engaging with the community easier. The Digital Platform team specifically creates tools to support Pathway Foundation's other projects such as Bloodworks, Census, and Tutoring. In addition, Digital Platform is responsible for all the webpages found on this website. Besides web content, we manage back-end technology such as cloud storage and file organization for the foundation to run smoothly.

Here is a collection of some of Digital Platform's responsibilities:

  • The Pathway Foundation home site

  • Pathway Foundation project pages

  • Civic Engagement Club pages

  • Media and Blog page functionality

  • The Pathway Tutoring website

  • Google Workspace management

Meet the team!

Kevin Xiao
Project Lead

Keira Wong
Website creation and styling

Anirudh Rao
Website creation

Eric Lin
Website creation

Wesley Luk
Website creation

Ella Reedy
Content Manager

Conrad Lee
Project Advisor

Steve Chen
Project Advisor

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