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About The Mayoral Internship

To encourage the civic engagement of young people, Pathway Foundation has developed a youth leadership program: the Mayor Lee Internship.

The Mayoral Internship Program is open to high-school students who are interested in learning and becoming involved in civic engagement. Centered around the idea of “Civic Engagement through Philanthropy and Education”, interns choose their own community projects and bring them to life, acquiring valuable leadership skills along the way. The internship is a great resume builder for college and future careers.

The Mayor Lee Internship provides opportunities to:

  • learn and practice civic engagement

  • develop expertise in leadership

  • enhance communication skills

  • inspire young people to become future leaders in all fields

Mayoral Interns are responsible for participating and heading Internship Projects.

Make an Impact.

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Thank you for your interest in the Mayoral Internship!

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