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Pathway Tutoring

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Problem Statement

Many children especially 6th to 10th graders need help when it comes to school and homework, so seeking out a tutor is a way for them to catch-up and learn. However, seeking out tutors and paying for them is difficult especially for children who live in underserved communities where they cannot afford food, supplies, or basic resources needed for them to succeed in school. By creating a free tutoring service, we are able to target these children, provide them with assistance, and in result help them succeed within and outside their learning environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform into a program that targets underserved children to receive the extra academic help and assistance that they wish for at free cost. Additionally, our tutoring program will act as a comfortable and reliable space for those children who wish to not only receive extra academic assistance but also to learn new skills or topics.

Value Propositions

This free tutoring service appeals to students  from underserved communities. There are dozens of free tutoring services in the greater Seattle area, so why should families choose our service? To start, our service offers a curriculum developed by students who have gone through the common core courses before, other tutoring services do not provide this level of student-based peer tutoring. This allows for a more empathetic approach to education, and invites a skill-curated environment, meaning students are taught not only the content of common core classes, but are also taught learning skills to succeed and learn in future classes. These skills will be incorporated into our curriculum. Students who use our service will be set up for success in their common core courses. Additionally, we offer small group tutoring (3 students per tutor), which gives each student more tutor to student engagement.

Sample Curriculum

Meet the Team

Andrew Ho

Project Leader

Conrad Lee

Project Advisor

Raghavi Putluri

Team Member

Curriculum Developer

Vanessa Ping

Team Member


Steve Chen

Project Advisor

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