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  • Neha Dubhashi

Winter Holiday Party 2019

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Warmth, food, love, light. That is what this gathering was about. Pathway’s winter holiday party kicked off with community bonding as parents and adults collaborated in setting up the perfect decorations. Soon, golden and fuchsia lights emanated from glowing candles, setting the atmosphere for the night. Food adorned the tables in abundance, and the potluck was in full swing.

A booth where funny project team photos could be taken was occupied the entire night. Secret buddy gifts were exchanged after dinner’s feast, and a smile could be spotted on everyone’s faces.

The mood and atmosphere had been set. Everyone was full, and it was the perfect time to start talking shop. That’s right.

Though most people were taking some time to relax, the Pathway Foundation was using this as an opportunity to work cohesively as a family. New projects like the 2020 Census Project and Blood Donation projects presented on their goals and achievements, and it was evident that progress was being made. The foreseeable future for Pathway Foundation is looking very bright. Soon, the projects that were discussed at the winter holiday party will be a prominent feature in Pathway’s growing program. We strongly hope that you will be there to witness the unveiling of greatness.

If you are interested in joining the Mayoral Internship, you can register here. If you wish to be notified of events and our next conference, click here.

Written by Neha Dubhashi

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