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Outreach Team Works With Children on Global Goals

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

On November 2nd, the Global Goals outreach project attended the 2019 CIE Conference. This conference is centered around a math and science competition for young scholars in elementary and middle school, but the Outreach Project attended for a different purpose.

The team set up and manned a booth dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals, which are 17 global goals created by the UN, for the duration of the conference to spread awareness. Because many of the adults only spoke Chinese, the target audience at this event were the children competing.

As they were still young, these goals will be most impactful for their future and the project wanted to ensure that all the competitors understood the importance of the goals and the role they could each play in achieving those goals. In particular, during the break between the two sections of the competition, kids who expressed interest in the project were educated on the importance of the goals and specific aspects they felt connected to. While this event did not target a wide audience, it was highly successful in conveying the intended message to a small group of youth who will no doubt take the idea to heart.

Written by Gloria Shen and Melissa Lin

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