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Mayoral Internship New Civic Clubs

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

On August 25, the Mayoral Internship’s civic clubs presented the products of months of work and determination finally brought to fruition. Each club has different plans for their future— the leaders are sailing through uncharted territory in new seas, and they do it with courage. 

The first club presentation was from Bellevue High School. Their club, the Identity Civic Engagement Club is focused on political beliefs, discussion, action in the community, and inclusive communities. Some of the discussion topics they intend to tackle include the following: identity, mental health, environmental issues, the need for technology, homelessness, veterans, and politics. They plan to acquire partnerships with other clubs. Being proactive, the club recently partnered with Bellevue High to do a homelessness awareness event. Other events the Identity Civic Engagement Club plan to do include a clean-up day, helping at retirement and veteran homes, and reaching out to homeless shelters. As for marketing, the club will be publicized on social media. During the Bellevue High School Club Fair, flyers will be disseminated, and the club will have a raffle to attract people. Other incentives for joining include gift cards. The club’s members should be applauded for their dedication—their club can boast many successes before the school year has even started!

The Civic Engagement Club will be initiated at the International School of Bellevue. Their mission is to bring people who are interested in serving the community together. They will host a variety of discussion (with boundaries). This group shows much promise—they’re focused on the political beliefs of everyone and want to increase awareness of social issues. With two meetings a month, one being a discussion and the other project-based, this club has its schedule tight and under control. For marketing, they plan to use a variety of media: people from the debate, JSA, and Key Club people, flyers throughout the school, announcements over the school intercom, a showcase of volunteering opportunities the club offers, an interest meeting, and word of mouth marketing. They also will obtain any fundraising money necessary from the All-School Board. Some projects this club has coming up include the following: making blankets and food, trash pickup, a food and clothing drive, a food waste presentation, helping shelters, trail cleanup events, and marches for various beliefs. This club will soon be reaping the benefits from their myriad of creative ideas. 

The Newport High School Civic Club plans to enhance critical thinking, increase political literacy, and promote civic engagement. To tackle their goals, the club will watch documentaries and movies to raise awareness. According to one leader, “We want people to be informed about current events…we want them to develop their mindsets and perspectives and talk about it.” That is a very strong motto! This club certainly has their priorities set. Meetings will be centered on current events everywhere in the U.S. Not only educational, but this club will also provide many fun activities and games for team-bonding and learning because they “want to develop underlying passions in the younger grades.” Lots of volunteer opportunities will be available as “we [Newport High School Civic Club] want people to know how their opinions affect America.” 

The Interlake Civic Club wants to help people learn about identity and personal beliefs. Their goal is to promote and engage in civic discussion about problems we face as individuals and as a whole. According to the club leaders, they want to “play a large role in what happens in our community” because “by reaching out, we [Interlake Civic Club] can create a community.” They have many appealing forms of marketing: candy, coupons, extra credit, volunteer hours, free food, social media, Boba, colorful flyers, and an engaging presentation at the annual club fair. As of now, they already have five interested freshmen! This year will be very exciting for Interlake—a unique club is coming!

RHS Civic Engagement Club has many of its priorities set. As many leaders said, they “want to provide students with a safe place to share their opinions” and an interactive environment for new knowledge to “keep the discussions interesting and relevant.” They will market through posters, the annual club jamboree at their school, friends, and social media. They found the most successful form of marketing to be social media. Their Instagram account has reached three hundred people, seven of whom are interested in the Pathway Foundation. Additionally, teachers have shown interest in this club and may incorporate it into the curriculum. Their activities will consist of guest speakers, board games, current event discussions, and volunteering. Having finished a club constitution, the RHS Civic Engagement Club has its morals and ethics in place. 

The ICS Civic Club’s mission is to “Promote integrating work and open up lots of volunteering opportunities.” According to the club leader, this club wants “to integrate both middle and high schoolers into one positive learning environment.” The club’s discussions are comprised of the following: current events, controversial topics, the American Dream, disability justice, and implicit bias. Marketing options include coupons, a video at their school’s assembly, posters, and informational newsletters. This club will encourage their members to be very vocal, offering Toastmasters meetings, regular debates, and supporting involvement in having stances on controversial topics. To reach the rest of the WA community, presentations will be made to different districts. The ICS Civic Club plans to donate art supplies to autism clinics and volunteer for organizations that work with autism, such as SDC and the Building Bridges program. 

Upon looking at the clubs and their plans for this school year, we can see their futures burning bright! Marketing strategies are firmly set in place, activities and events have been planned, ideas are as prolific as heartbeats, and leadership positions have been determined. Congratulations to every club member that made this possible—your dedication is an invaluable asset the Pathway Foundation is proud to have.

If you go to any of the schools mentioned, check out these clubs! This is an incredible opportunity to make a tangible difference in your community. 

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