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Interns Speak On Civic Engagement and the Mayoral Internship

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

On Saturday April 27th, four Mayoral interns, accompanied by advisors Conrad Lee and Sam Lai, spoke live on the Seattle Chinese Radio about their experiences in the Mayoral Internship. These interns were Melissa Lin, Liana Wu and Megan Lu from the Blog and Media Project as well as Kristin Yao from the PATH Outreach Project.

Interns and advisors discussed how the mission of Pathway Foundation to help high schoolers become civically engaged has become valuable to them. “This internship is unique in that interns are not given tasks to fulfill,” said Megan. “We are responsible to managing our own civic engagement projects and for setting deadlines for ourselves.” The interns gave their thoughts on how the Mayoral Internship has helped foster important skills like time management and interpersonal communication to succeed in school and prepare for the workplace. As high school seniors, interns Liana and Megan also expressed how their experiences in civic engagement helped them on the college application process. Kristin also reflected that “the Mayoral Internship has really developed my skills as a leader and as an engaged member of the community.” 

Great job to the interns for the Mayoral Internship’s first radio show! You can watch the recording here.

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