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  • Megan Yi

Global Goals Outreach Project: Striving to Create a Better World

The Global Goals Outreach Project is a student-led initiative affiliated with Pathway Foundation that aims to contribute to the Global Goals cause. The mission of the Global Goals Outreach Project is to, “contribute to attaining sustainable development through the seventeen Global Goals,” as stated by project leader Renee Zhang.

The Global Goals are seventeen sustainable development goals agreed upon by world leaders at a historic UN summit in 2015. There are a wide variety of goals, including no poverty, quality education, life below water, and more. These goals were made with the idea that the lives of everyone living on planet earth could be improved by 2030. The goals ultimately serve as a guide, for which all people in the world could join hands to build a better future for everyone.

Over the past year, the project has focused on goal one and goal two, which are No Poverty, and Zero Hunger. They have done various activities in order to support these goals, ranging from volunteering, and hosting food drives. In October of last year, the project assisted the young adults shelter ROOTS with packaging and handing out meals during their weekly free meal program, Friday Feast. In February, they held a baking supplies drive for Renewal Food Bank, and were able to donate fifty-seven items to fill their shelves. Finally, in March and May, the project held a Chinatown Bakery Pop-Up sales to support local Asian businesses during the pandemic. The pastries were purchased from Cakehouse and Duk Li Dim Sum, and the team was able to sell over 132 pastries.

The Global Goals Outreach Project has made many achievements over the past year and is continually striving to make even greater changes. This year, Renee Zhang explains, “we plan on focusing on Global Goal 2 and Global Goal 16 which are Zero Hunger and Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.” So far, they have made strides towards these goals through an event where they assisted the Bellevue Police Foundation with delivering gifts to donors who supported the police department during National Police Week. They have also organized an additional food drive in late July of this year.

The Global Goals Outreach Project is bold and stands for a noble cause: the betterment of the world. The project has great prospects ahead of it, along with a fantastic mission. Renee Zhang states that, “although there are many things people have already done and are still doing to try to meet the Global Goals, the overall goal of creating a better world by 2030 can only be met with efforts from everyone. Issues such as climate change, poverty, inadequate education, and inequalities are too big to be solved by small groups of people.”

Written By: Megan Yi

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