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  • Megan Yi

Civic Club Highlight - Bellevue High School

The sixth club we will be keeping up with Bellevue High School Civic Club!

Firstly, the Bellevue High School Civic Club hosts weekly meetings. These meetings are usually to discuss upcoming events, drives, along with occasionally discussing/watching the American Creed.

The BHS Civic Club finds that sharing the American Creed with members is very important. According to club president Stella Fang, “the majority of our members are children of immigrants, and being American can be a difficult aspect of identity to navigate. Even for members that are not children of immigrants, American identity is complicated due to the layered history of our country. The documentary is a really good way to introduce and lead into discussions of our experiences with our American identity.” The concept of the American Creed is certainly very vital to the core of the internship, and therefore it is important that through the Civic Club Network, interns and club leaders are able to spread the ideas of the American Creed among our peers.

Recently, the club has hosted a Valentine’s Card Drive for healthcare workers. For the drive, the club essentially had members submit cards, which were then donated to the Overlake Hospital. The card drive was a collaborative idea between the club leader Stella Fang, and the club’s activities coordinator, Maya Tang. As stated by Stella Fang, “we feel so grateful to have such dedicated healthcare workers and thought that Valentine’s Day would be a good opportunity to inspire the community, and to show our gratitude.” Giving back to the community, and especially giving back to healthcare workers is something that is often forgotten, yet very important to do. The people who currently work in the healthcare field have been consistently giving the utmost sacrifice, by putting themselves at risk in order to treat the community. In the end, the BHS Civic Club managed to collect 53 cards and delivered them to the Overlake Hospital.

The BHS Civic Club currently has three more meal drives scheduled, for which member Kevin Xiao will be hosting a presentation during their next meeting. BHS civics club has been doing amazing work in their club by doing things like interactive and educational discussions, hosting meal drives to give back to the community, and various activities which civically engage members. Meetings at BHS civics club have been very successful thus far, and we are hopeful for the future of BHS civics club.

Club Instagram: @bhs.civicengagement

Written by Megan Yi

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