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American Creed Forum 2/16

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

On February 16, the Mayoral Internship hosted an American Creed seminar at Newport High School. Moderated by Edwin Ong and Muhan Zhang, a total of 20 people came.

The seminar had about 30 minutes devoted to speeches and Q+A from two guest speakers: Conrad Lee, Bellevue City Council member and former mayor, and Steve Beren, a political consultant.

Conrad Lee talked about the importance of being engaged and how to pursue a goal by breaking it down into smaller pieces, and relentlessly pursuing the objective. Steve followed it up with a speech on the importance of understanding the fundamental documents of America in order to grasp the framework of our nation and the importance of civic engagement.

Both of their speeches were eye opening and addressed the current issues of lack of faith in America. For the remaining thirty minutes, there were small group discussions on re-establishing faith in institutions. In light of the recent government shutdown, we thought this topic was particularly meaningful and appropriate.

We would like to thank Northwest Chinese School for sponsoring the American Creed Project, and Principal Zhang and Board Leader Huang for attending. Stay tuned for more updates and information!

A video of the discussion can be found here

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