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The American Creed in Relation to the Muslim Community

Our latest American Creed discussion was held on December 15th, 4-5PM at the Muslim Community Resource Center. A total of 23 people showed up to the meeting, moderated by Edwin Ong, Yasir Syed, and George Wang. Also in attendance was Mia Gregerson, a member of the House of Representatives.

We started by going around the room and having each person state which value of the American Creed was most significant to them and why. After that, we launched into a more open ended discussion where everyone could discuss and ask questions freely. The conversation was mainly based off of current events, specifically immigration laws and racial inequality. Occasionally, adults chimed in to offer their insights.

Seeing the passionate conversation between so many young people sparked new ideas for more projects and meeting. Those who had never previously been civically engaged suddenly had interest in political debate and events. The moderators collected of significant list of people who were interested in the Mayoral Internship and/or the American Creed.
Stay updated on American Creed discussions for more opportunities!

Written by Sarah Lin

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