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Summer Conference

First Annual Conference

Bellevue City Hall

August 17 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Pathway Foundation is holding our first Annual Summer Conference on August 17th to introduce the Mayoral Internship and how it helps prepare interns for college and beyond, as well as to discuss the broader topic of civic engagement in the Chinese-American community. Joining us will be former interns, including Rhodes Scholar and Yale graduate Mason Ji, and Bellevue School District IB Coordinator Karen Roper.

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What is the Pathway Foundation?

Pathway Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Conrad Lee, former Bellevue City Mayor (2011-2013) and present councilmember, who is one of the few Chinese-Americans serving in elected politics. Pathway Foundation’s mission is to encourage civic engagement through philanthropy and education.

What is the Mayoral Internship Program?

The Mayoral Internship Program is open to high-school students who are interested in learning and becoming involved in civic engagement. Interns choose their own projects and acquire valuable leadership skills along the way. The internship is a great experience and asset for college and future careers. Our goal is not only to advocate the need for engagement, but to actually give direction, provide the way, find the path, and give guidance in projects, opportunities and activities that lead to hands-on training and experience according to one’s own interests, abilities and aspirations.


6:45-7:00 PM – Registration
7:00-7:05 PM – Opening Remarks by Councilmember Conrad Lee
7:05-7:20 PM – Keynote Speech by John Spady on Community Engagement through Dialog
7:20-7:50 PM – College Entrance Tips by Karen Roper, Interlake High School IB Coordinator
7:50-8:20 PM – Alumni Panel (Mason Ji, Kate Chen, Emily Huang, Catherine Maring)
8:20-8:50 PM – Current Interns Panel (Tudor Muntianu, Edwin Ong, Megan Lu, Kristin Yao, David Shen)
8:50-9:20 PM – Parents Panel (Steve Chen, Ning Li, Marlena Ma)
9:20-9:30 PM – Closing Remarks by Councilmember Conrad Lee

John Spady

John is a social entrepreneur when it comes to developing strategies for strengthening public engagement. He has worked closely with his father, Dick, and the Forum Foundation for over two decades. John developed the web-based applications at the core of the Countywide Community Forums, an independent public engagement program in partnership with King County. In 2007 the King County Auditor appointed John to serve as Deputy Citizen Councilor Coordinator, along with his father and brother, Jim, to design the county’s first Citizen Councilor Network– a program to enhance citizen participation, civic engagement, and citizenship education in King County government.

Karen Roper

Karen Roper is a college essay consultant and the Interlake High School International Baccalaureate CAS coordinator. In both roles, her major focus is helping students succeed in reaching their potential, either in their community or in college admissions. She works independently with students to create compelling college essays that stand out from the crowd and show their strengths, making her uniquely suited to explain how developing passion and purpose throughout high school can result in college application success.

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