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Civic Club Network

Spreading Civic Awareness and Engagement
through Service and Education

The Pathway Foundation has started a network of high school clubs focused on civic engagement. These clubs share a starting curriculum developed by the foundation and club presidents aiming to educate high school students on current events and nurture a spirit of service. There will be annual cross-club events where club members come together and participate in philanthropic events or bring in guest speakers. Clubs are run by Mayoral Interns looking to bring their own ideas and projects to life, and each club will have different activities. Join us to get more involved in your community, and earn some volunteer hours along the way! Read below to find out what each club will be focusing on.

High School Civic Clubs

Newport High School:

Newport High School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to create an integrated community of students from all grades to become engaged in the community. We will promote civic engagement through facilitating discussions and activities involving current events, politics, volunteer work at community events, environmental issues, to ultimately improve society. Some planned activities include discussions and debates, volunteering at Civic Saturday (where strangers in the community come together discussing civic issues), civic games, and creating posters.


Interlake High School:

Interlake High School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to promote and engage in civic discussion about the problems we face as individuals and as a whole. The club’s vision is to develop a space where students can bond over shared experiences and learn about what shapes our identity, perspective, and choices, while engaging in service. We will be discussing and analyzing current events, learning about political candidates and campaigns, providing and hosting volunteer activities, and providing club members with an environment to bring their ideas and creativity to life.


Redmond High School:

Redmond High School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to provide students with an outlet in which they can voice their opinions in a safe and encouraging space. The majority of our club activities will consist of discussing current events, and how they relate to our community. From these discussions, we hope to search for community events and volunteering opportunities to allow students to go out in the community and actively help make it a better place. We also plan on collaborating with other clubs at Redmond High School to provide opportunities for students to work together and expand our positive impact on our community. We would like to bring in guest speakers, such as teachers or other members of our community, to share their insight and personal experiences to further our understanding of civic engagement. The club will expand students’ knowledge on the world around them and will help bring them to form their own opinions.

Bellevue High School:

Bellevue High School’s civic club’s main objective is to advocate for the need for engagement in the community. Planned club activities include: civic engagement discussions and forums to talk about what it really means to be engaged, volunteer work at community events, events that help with the elderly, interviewing and working with organizations like Northwest Chinese School to be more educated on issues that impact all types of people in our community, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement, and just doing anything that can contribute to the bettering of our community and people around us. The club will help pave way, give direction and guidance in projects, opportunities and activities that will promote hands-on training and experience, leading to a more inclusive and united community with greater civic pride and responsibility.

International Community School:

International Community School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to introduce both middle and high-school students to important current events and prompt discussions on the causes, ramifications, and solutions to a given issue. Our club will strive to promote inter-grade teamwork, build real-world connections, and introduce members to a plethora of non-profit organizations open to volunteer work. Activities our club plans to conduct include discussions on current events we believe are both interesting and pertinent for students to be aware of, club held debates meant to stimulate deeper thinking, volunteer work with various non-profits such as SDC, and a more focused look at the role of immigrants in America and what place the “American Dream” plays in today’s modern world. The main club activities involve discussions, presentations, seminars, role-play, and debates.

Lake Washington High School:

Lake Washington High School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to inform and educate other students and peers about local issues and help them take action against these problems. Students will learn how these issues connect to global problems and ignite a desire for a positive change in our world. Activities the club plans to do include discussions about civic engagement and current issues, organizing volunteering events to help our community, attending seminars and speaker events, informing other members of the community on what they can do in their lives to help. Club members are also free to pitch in their ideas on club activities to ensure the club can prosper, grow, and make a lasting difference in both the community and our individual lives.

International School:

International School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to encourage students to participate in activities that could benefit our community. In our club, we want to provide members with knowledge on current issues and create opportunities to make a difference. We will attend different volunteer and engagement opportunities and influence the people around us to push limits in discussions. By engaging our school, the club hopes to bring our community closer and benefit our community and those in need. We will take advantage of the small class sizes we have, and students of all grade level (6-12) are encouraged to attend!

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