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Category: Pathway Foundation Education

American Creed and Black Lives Matter Final Discussion

Last month, the interns of Pathway Foundation discussed two very important topics circulating today’s media, “Ethnic Struggles in America,” and “Black Lives Matter.” In these discussions, two very important questions were raised. “How do ethnic portrayals in America shape our understanding of minority cultures?” and “what do the BLM movement and its effects say about […]

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Advice for COVID-19 and School Survey Analysis

All over the globe, day-to-day life came to a sudden stop as the COVID-19 pandemic devastated countries. Governments struggled to effectively contain the spread, and obtain the necessary supplies to weather the outbreak. With no vaccine and such a high mortality rate, people are all worried about the safety of themselves and loved ones. This […]

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Outreach Team Works With Children on Global Goals

On November 2nd, the Global Goals outreach project attended the 2019 CIE Conference. This conference is centered around a math and science competition for young scholars in elementary and middle school, but the Outreach Project attended for a different purpose. The team set up and manned a booth dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals, which are […]

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Interns Observe Cutting-edge Health Technology at PATH Headquarters

On Tuesday, November 6th, new interns toured the PATH headquarters in downtown Seattle. Interns observed PATH’s new cutting-edge health technology (such as home-birth kits for third-world countries) and the impact their developments have had in underdeveloped areas of the world. Interns learned about how PATH communicates directly with users to ensure that products meet their […]

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American Creed Discussion Forum at Northwest Chinese School 2018

On Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, the American Creed project hosted an American Creed Discussion Forum on the topic “American Dream: Chance or Hard Work.” The event was moderated by interns Sarah Lin, Danny Lin, and Muhan Zhang. Naturally, as a group comprised of mostly high schoolers, much of the discussion was focused on affirmative action, […]

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