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Bloodworks Project Raises Awareness on Blood Donations

During Mid-Winter Break, Richard Yang, Kevin Yang, and I were all given the opportunity to go on the Seattle Chinese Radio station. I was kind of nervous to be honest, and so were Kevin and Richard because this was really a new experience for all of us, and a challenge because none of us were completely fluent in Chinese but we had to speak Chinese.

It wasn’t that bad because Conrad did take up quite a bit of talking time, so we weren’t put under as much pressure. But I thought for what was expected of us we handled the talking well. Even though we obviously had accents and had to search around for words a lot, Chinese friends that listened could generally understand what we were saying, which I take as a win.

We mainly talked about how blood donation really wasn’t dangerous or how it was mainly the culture that was the issue. Many Chinese or Asian people don’t donate blood because they believe it isn’t very sanitary, and as a result, only 60% of people who need a blood transfusion can find a matching donor, which is, of course, a huge problem because a lot of people die as a result of this. We elaborated on this on the radio talk and made it clear our goal was to reverse this negative image of blood donation among Asians.

Finally, we talked about the PATH internship as a whole, promoting its great resources and mentors that had allowed us to come on this radio station and really contribute to our community in a meaningful way, and invited anyone interested to come and join us.

Written by George Wang

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