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Chinese-American Identity Discussion

How has your identity influenced your interactions, thoughts, and beliefs throughout your life? What does Chinese American Identity mean to you? These were the questions interns discussed with each other during our meeting on Sunday, December 2nd. Mr. Conrad Lee started the meeting by delivering a speech about his own identity as a Chinese-American politician. […]

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Interns Volunteer for PATH Global Awareness Event (In Partnership with Microsoft)

On Friday, October 26th, interns had the chance to go to a one-hour PATH – Microsoft Employee Resource Group event. The event spoke on the global awareness goals that PATH hopes to achieve in the countries they assist. The executive host was David Ku, CVP of Artificial Intelligence and Research at Microsoft, who collaborated with […]

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Interns Observe Cutting-edge Health Technology at PATH Headquarters

On Tuesday, November 6th, new interns toured the PATH headquarters in downtown Seattle. Interns observed PATH’s new cutting-edge health technology (such as home-birth kits for third-world countries) and the impact their developments have had in underdeveloped areas of the world. Interns learned about how PATH communicates directly with users to ensure that products meet their […]

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American Creed Discussion Forum at Northwest Chinese School 2018

On Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, the American Creed project hosted an American Creed Discussion Forum on the topic “American Dream: Chance or Hard Work.” The event was moderated by interns Sarah Lin, Danny Lin, and Muhan Zhang. Naturally, as a group comprised of mostly high schoolers, much of the discussion was focused on affirmative action, […]

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Pathway Foundation Chinese Exclusion Act Discussion 2018

Interns Present Their Thoughts on The Chinese Exclusion Act Oct. 6. 2018 Interns each gave a speech about their thoughts after watching the PBS Chinese Exclusion Act Documentary. Highlights from the intern speeches included acknowledgments of the important connections between the Chinese Exclusion Act and the history of American civil liberties, immigration, and culture. As […]

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