Redmond High School

Edwin Ong

Edwin is a junior at Redmond High School and the leader of the American Creed project. In his free time, he loves to play the piano and hang out with friends.

Sahas Goli

Sahas is a senior at Redmond High School who is interested in either going into finance or economics for college. In his spare time, Sahas enjoys tutoring for the SAT/ACT or playing basketball. As well as tutoring, Sahas runs multiple communities to help students nationwide prepare for standardized testing—one for the SAT with 2100 members and one for the ACT with 2700 members. At Pathway, Sahas is a part of the AIF team working on social media and website development.

Interlake High School

Megan Lu

Megan Lu is a junior in the IB program at Interlake High School. In the Mayoral Internship, she was previously one of the website development leads, and is currently working on a data analytics project for PATH.

Muhan Zhang

Muhan Zhang is a Junior at Interlake High School. At Pathway, she helps the American Creed Project with social media/outreach and behind-the-scenes planning. In her free time, she loves to participate in Model United Nations, shop, and play badminton!

Erik Ma

Erik Ma is a freshman in the gifted program at Interlake High School. He is very passionate about helping others and the community and enjoys music and movies. He is currently a member of the Digital Platform team inside of the Mayoral Internship.

Lakeside High School

Sarah Lin

Sarah Lin will be a freshman at the Lakeside School this coming fall. She enjoys leadership activities and is honored to be a part of Bellevue's mayoral interns.
Katherine Yue is currently an 8th grader attending Lakeside Middle School, and is beginning to immerse herself in her community and its projects. She enjoys rowing for her school and simple pleasures like doodling.

Newport High School

Liana Wu

Liana Wu is currently a senior at Newport High School and is co-leading the Blog and Media project. She enjoys collaborating with other projects to raise awareness and encourage civic engagement within the community. In her free time, she can be found checking out all the books in the library, tutoring munchkins, and smashing ping pong balls.

Richard Yang

I am currently a freshman at Interlake High School. I am hoping to make a positive impact on the community and share my thoughts through the pathway foundation. My hobbies include playing sports and games for fun.

Issaquah High School

David Shen

David Shen is a junior at Issaquah High School. He's responsible for the leadership over the Digital Platform, and spends his spare time whenever possible in Robotics, and on video games.

Inglemoor High School

Johnson Kuang

I'm responsible for establishing an educational forum that will help foster greater civic engagement by parents of school districts. As a second-generation Chinese immigrant, I'm passionate about increasing the political participation of a mainly silenced Asian population, I wish to give voice to those who need it.

Bellevue High School

Daniel Lin

Danny Lin is soon to be junior at Bellevue High School. He is an avid golfer and is excited to be participating in Conrad’s mayoral internship program.

Overlake High School

Melissa Lin

Melissa Lin is a freshman at the Overlake School in Redmond. She is currently co-leading the Media and Blog Project and is excited to make a difference through the Bellevue Mayoral Internship program. In her free time, Melissa enjoys reading.

University of Washington

Rock Jia

Rock is a sophomore at the University of Washington planning to major in finance. He entered UW through the UW Academy program following his sophomore of of year of high school. Rock enjoys doing consulting work and reading during his spare time. He is a part of the PATH Outreach team.