Internship Projects

The Internship program is centered around the idea of “Civic Engagement through Philanthropy and Education”, and includes brainstorming community project ideas and bringing those projects to life. This is done through a variety of initiatives.

Chair of the Mayoral Internship Program

The Chair of the Mayoral Internship Program for 2018-2019 is Edwin Ong.

Digital Platform

The Digital Platform is a Mayoral Internship project seeking to utilize the Internet in the twenty-first century to aid the various missions of the Pathway Foundation. This is accomplished through the use of the Internet to supply information about and broadcast the activities of the Pathway Foundation.

Media and Blog

The Media and Blog Project helps raise awareness through working with other projects as well as Pathway Foundation and blogging/designing content. This project also uses the Bellevue Mayoral Internship website and social media to document events from both the internship and PATH in order to do outreach and build partnerships with other individuals and organizations. 

American Creed Outreach

The American Creed Project seeks to promote American Creed values within the Asian American community.

This is done through a two-step process: translating relevant materials discussing the American Creed into Chinese and having discussion forums with Chinese Americans and Chinese immigrants.

We are working with organizations such as NWCS and Aurorae Young Learning to bring discussions about relevant American issues to all Chinese Americans in the Eastside area.

PATH Awareness

PATH is an international health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives and improve health worldwide. PATH aims to promote the health of people globally through advancing technologies, strengthening systems, and encouraging healthy behaviors.

Pathway Foundation has partnered with PATH to form the PATH Youth Ambassador Program. Led by two Mayoral Interns, the Youth Ambassador Program strives to increase awareness of and civic engagement with PATH.

PATH Data Analytics

The data analytics project aims to provide PATH with an interactive data analytics service using Microsoft Power BI, while facilitating the involvement of the Chinese American community with local health organizations. The mayoral interns assume the role of recruiting volunteers, especially Chinese-American Microsoft employees who can use their expertise to develop analytics for PATH, while simultaneously gaining data analytics skills themselves.