The Pathway Foundation is currently pursuing two programs: the Mayoral Internship and the Summer Civic Engagement Conference.

Pathway Foundation Programs

Mayoral Internship

The Mayoral Internship project is a program sponsored by the Mayor of Bellevue, WA, Conrad Lee. It seeks to promote civic engagement among young people in their local communities.

Road to College and Beyond

Road to College and Beyond is an annual conference the Pathway Foundation holds in order to share the collective experience and academic benefits of civic engagement.

Mayoral Internship Programs

PATH Awareness

We will partner with other non-profit organizations to increase awareness of PATH and support its mission. The project will establish a network with Microsoft and Boeing engineers to acquire their support for PATH’s mission, and build up corporate donations for time employees put into supporting the events.

PATH Analytics

The data analytics project aims to provide PATH with an interactive data analytics service using Microsoft Power BI, while facilitating the involvement of the Chinese American community with local health organizations. The mayoral interns assume the role of recruiting volunteers, especially Chinese-American Microsoft employees who can use their expertise to develop analytics for PATH, while simultaneously gaining data analytics skills themselves.

American Creed Outreach

The American Creed outreach project is a two-part project which involves translating the PBS documentary American Creed into Chinese, and starting up monthly discussion forums in immigrant communities about current hot topic issues and finding common ground, thus promoting discussion and civic engagement.

Digital Platform

The Pathway Foundation is actively seeking to expand its reach to more members of our community, through our digital platform!