Northwest Chinese School

Northwest Chinese School (NWCS) is a Washington state registered non-profit educational organization founded in 1995. NWCS specializes in teaching Mandarin, Simplified Chinese and Pin-Yin. The school headquarter is in Newport High School, Bellevue, Washington. The branch is in Seattle international district. It has over 1300 students, taking more than 2000 courses and about 100 staff members. NWCS has 50+ Chinese classes ranging from pre-school to high school in the main campus. It also offers a variety of extra-curriculum classes such as Accelerated SAT Verbal and Mathematics, English, computer programming, robot, music and arts. The school offers a weekday full-time summer program, which has gained its reputation through the high academic quality and fun activities. The school hosts highly attended seminars for parents on a wide range of topics during class time on Saturday. With over twenty years of experience and highly qualified teachers, NWCS has combined the merits of both traditional Chinese and modern American teaching methods to create a unique and remarkably successful curriculum. NWCS is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS).

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