Partnership: Chinese Institute of Engineers

The Chinese Institute of Engineers, or CIE for short, is an organization of Chinese-American engineers situated in the United States.

CIE and another partner of the Pathway Foundation, PATH, work together in several fields:

  • CIE actively recruits Chinese-American engineers and scientists to volunteer for PATH
  • CIE hosts a network event at the PATH Foundation annually to create opportunities and donate volunteer time
  • CIE actively creates summer internships for their volunteers based on the needs of PATH

The Chinese Institute of Engineers also actively works to advance civic engagement with the Pathway Foundation:

  • We are developing civic engagement youth groups under the education programs in CIE
  • We have civic engagement seminars based on the documentary American Creed at the annual Chinese Institute of Engineers convention
  • The Chinese Institute of Engineers is participating in the Pathway Foundation’s Mayoral Internship Road to College and Beyond conference

Learn more about the Seattle branch of the Chinese Institute of Engineers here!